Artist Statement

Malcolm Lindsay

My works explore violence on society, system politics and history; some would say the good, the bad and the ugly. Family and friends are the cast of characters that appear in my sometimes-narrative works. My current body of work explores the theme Ghetto Paradise, which is inspired by factors to include; crime and violence in Jamaica, the relationship of Jamaican politics and criminal organizations in the so called “Garison Politics” one such reference is made to the “Green-bay Massacre”. The idea of class in which we refer to someone as the ordinary man in the Jamaican society and the light skinned man or the big man/ Don. In some ways I am trying to highlight the psychological impacts and stains they leave on society. 

Shasha Porter

My work seeks to question the issues of secularity and religion in the Jamaican society by appropriating the Halo.I will depict figures wearing the halo along with religious hand gestures. The halo is a religious iconographic symbol that appear as a ray of light usually in a circular glow around the head or the whole body. It represents something good, holiness and purity and is usually depicted with Christ, religious and influential leaders. Nonetheless there has been a change with who the halo is depicted with, for example, artistes (rappers) dead and alive, political leaders, gang leaders and basically just anybody. I want to represent persons who does not fit the definition of the halo but who are a part of the concept of Christian divinity.

Secularity is what I see taking place culturally in this Christian-dominated society where there is a transition from religious values to having little or no regard for religion. Even though you have secularism and religion on separate sides, there are individuals who fall in the middle. I would say such individuals are not completely religious or secular and there are times when they intersect. I want to show that both terms overlap through the depiction of the halo and the religious hand gestures along with the depiction of urban males and females in a Jamaican context. This will allow viewers to further question the separation or rather the intersection between secularism and religion, I want them to consider if the figures will still have a place in God, will they still be looked upon as divine creatures even when their characters and physical attributes are completely unpleasant.

Mikheal Deans

Without the ability to actualize an idea or concept, art would not exist today. My works are a constant search for the best ways to interpret the ideas that I have about myself and the world I live in. I try not to limit myself to one medium or style which gives me the freedom to explore and learn while I grow. Inspiration and ideas change all the time, in my recent collection; GGG; God’s Greatest Gift, 2022 Collection explores deeper into the truth of religion, politics, pandemic and the gap in literacy. Each piece of work I create is executed with my experience from the past. My works are inspired by the laws of nature, religion and the forms in science.

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